Rising Star Games is a video games publisher with a long standing history of bringing a diverse range of titles to market across all key platforms spanning handhelds, consoles and PC. Our portfolio of over 100 video games includes widely recognised brands such as Hello Kitty, Harvest Moon and Cooking Mama, to cult titles that have excelled once given a stage such as Deadly Premonition and Virtue’s Last Reward. We invest great care and years of experience into each project we take on.

Founded in 2004, we have developed our collection of products to tailor for the evolving market of video games. Along the way we have built strong relationships and valued partnerships around the world. With operations based in the United Kingdom, USA and close partners in Japan, our reach extends far and wide.

Today, we are a widely-known publisher recognised for engaging with our supportive community and bringing unique titles to a larger Western audience. We continue to explore the best ways to get the greatest games into the hands of players everywhere.

Our team of hardworking and passionate video games enthusiasts characterises Rising Star Games and is the foundation on which our accomplishments have been made.