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Decay of Logos - Patch Notes

Patch 4 – Release Notes – 17/04/2020

-Implemented a new input system (STEAM ONLY)
-Added support for custom keyboard and gamepad mappings (STEAM ONLY)
-Added additional Runestone information regarding leveling/progression
-Improved Runestone visibility at a distance
-Stinger(flying enemy) camera improvements
-Stingers range adjustment, it’s easier to evade them by sprinting
-Tweaked Elk combat requirements, it will try to aid you sooner and more often
-Improved enemy variation and visibility (visual tweaks)
-Improved Low Stamina HUD feedback. (some players confuse low stamina with “input lag”)
-Increased cancel window on a specific case. (non-cancelable animations often confused with “input lag”)
-Improved auto-lock behavior (e.g. falling enemies)
-Improved Parry detection/use
-Tweaked mini-boss Area of Effect damage radius(e.g. Lumberjack stomp)
-Tweaked “stagger” requirements on the first level, not as unforgiving for new players
-Collision detection improvements
-Fixed an issue that caused the Royal Guard sword to disappear after parrying
-Various small bug fixes and tweaks

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