The Home of Japanese Games

Rising Star Games was established in 2004 as a joint partnership between Nintendo's Nordic distributor, Bergsala, and Japanese publisher Intergrow. Over the past 15 years we have been helping Japanese developers and publishers reach a global audience with a diverse catalogue of games from family favourites like Harvest Moon and Hello Kitty to cult classics like Deadly Premonition, La Mulana and No More Heroes.

In 2018 Rising Star Games was acquired by Swedish gaming group, Thunderful, with a mission to be the Home of Japanese Games.

Rising Star Games(ライジングスターゲームズ)は2004年に任天堂の北欧地域のディストリビューターであるBergsala(ベルグサラ)と日本のパブリッシャーのIntergrowのパートナシップにより設立されました。それ以来、15年に渡り日本のデベロッパー様とパブリッシャー様と共に様々なゲームを海外でリリースしました。ファミリー向けのHarvest MoonやHello Kittyから、カルトヒット作のDeadly Premonition、La MulanaやNo More Heroesなど幅広いジャンルのラインナップとなりました。

2018年にRising Star Gamesはスウェーデンのゲームグループ会社Thunderfulに取得され、より多くの日本のゲームを世界に紹介するミッションと伝統を引き継いでおります。

Our Siblings

Image & Form is a video game development studio made up of 20+ childish people in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’ve been at it since 1997, and are more productive than ever. Their biggest achievement to date is the best-selling, award-winning SteamWorld franchise.

Zoink is an award-winning game studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden, that focuses on immersive storytelling, juicy artwork and weird ideas. Always looking to try something new with its projects, the studio’s games range from quirky adventure Flipping Death to emotional VR story Ghost Giant.

Thunderful Publishing was founded in December 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden as a sister company to game studios Image & Form and Zoink. This new collaboration means that the companies can now act more forcefully and bring something very attractive to the market.

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